Initial Consultation at PK Physio Basingstoke

Duration - up to 45 mins

Fee - £52

This session includes:

- diagnosis and a full understanding of your problem.

- treatment.


Follow-up Appointment at PK Physio Basingstoke

Duration 30 minutes.

Fee - £45

- re-assessment and review of your progress.
- treatment.
- progression of home management programme.


Remote consultation via your choice of Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or simply telephone.

Duration 30 minutes

Fee - £30

- assessment of your problem.
- diagnosis and treatment plan.
- self-management programme.
- onward referral if required.


Home Visit Appointment

Fee - £90

- assessment and treatment in your own home.
- diagnosis and self-management programme.


Other Requests

Please call us on 07853 588465 if you have any specific requirements you feel are not covered by the descriptions above.  We will do our best to meet your needs or recommend someone who can.