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Philosophy Behind PK Physio

I have put together a summary of what I believe is important for a successful physiotherapy experience.  This has been developed from what patients have told me in over 25 years of clinical practice.  This is the foundation from which I work.

Listening – Patients want to tell their story to a clinician who listens.  The patient is the expert and their body will tell them what is wrong.  It is the physio’s job to translate this information into something treatable. This is the most important part of the examination and to do it well you need…

...Time – Patients do not want to feel rushed.  At PK Physio patients get as long as they need.  A new consultation allows 45 mins – 1hour and a follow-up 30-45 minutes. If your appointment time needs to be extended due to complexity... and it will never affect the price!

Expertise – Patients want to know they are in the right hands.  My experience and qualifications are here.  If I feel I cannot help you, I will advise you who can and the steps to take to see them.  I have strong links with the top local Orthopaedic and Pain Consultants in the Basingstoke area and can advise your GP of your needs.

Diagnosis – Patients want to know why they have their problem.  It is this understanding that makes treatment more likely to have a positive outcome.  It is important that treatment is a partnership between patient and physio. This is the only way the patient can take ownership of the problem.

Pain relief – Patients want quick relief of pain.  There are many ways of achieving this in clinic via joint mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue techniques, taping etc.  These methods, although important, usually only provide short term relief and should not be seen as a ‘cure’.  The ideal is to achieve…

...Control/Independence – Patients want to be able to treat their own problem as much as possible.  Sometimes this can be achieved in one session or it may need to develop over a course of treatment. The end goal is always the same - for the patient to be pain-free with the ability to stay pain-free independently.

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