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Physiotherapy During Covid-19 Restrictions

(Written 12/04/2020)

Like everyone, my days are different now. I stopped face-to-face Physiotherapy clinics on 21/03/2020. Until then I’d been providing Physiotherapy to people with problems with their backs, necks, hips, knees, shoulders, sports injuries etc. for over 25 years. 48 hours later, I became a ‘teacher’ for my daughters while my partner continues to work as a Physio in a private hospital supporting the NHS. It has been a steep learning curve and I’ve found it more challenging than my usual working day. However, it is an opportunity that I would never have in normal circumstances so I’m embracing it (for now!)

After ‘school’ I spend time reviewing my current patients via online or telephone appointments which work well. Most are now at the stage where they are doing well and self-managing and no longer require my input. Therefore, I thought that I could use my knowledge, experience and time to help local people with pain or injury during the current restrictions. Strangely, this situation presents an ideal opportunity to get on top of those aches, pains and limitations people never seem to have time to address. Most people with pain or physical limitations can improve significantly with self-treatment at home with little or no equipment (with the right advice, guidance and exercise prescription).

I am therefore offering free remote (online or telephone) Physiotherapy assessment and treatment to residents of the Basingstoke area who require Physiotherapy input or are on a waiting list for NHS Physiotherapy.

There are NO charges for my services. However, it would be great if users would consider making a voluntary donation (this can be done anonymously) to Naomi House and Jacksplace via my Just Giving page (the link is here). In normal times they provide much needed hospice support for children and young adults. With the Covid-19 situation, they have stepped up and supported the NHS by providing beds and nursing care to the local NHS. Like all charities, they will be finding the current situation and the ‘what happens next’ challenging.

How to access this service

· Send me a short email to declaring your interest with a brief summary of your problem.

· I will reply detailing the further information I need along with consent information (I need your consent to provide this service). This is where you tell me in more detail about your problem and what you want to get from the process. What happens next depends on your needs:

- I can send you information about your problem and advice on self-management. This will usually include prescribed exercises via email and/or a free App, Rehab Guru. This is useful for straightforward problems or where you might just want advice and good exercises for a particular issue.

- I may need to request more information via email or telephone call.

- I may advise a video consultation so I can look at movements, some tests etc.

- I may advise you to contact your GP or other services if Physio is not appropriate at this point (eg. If you required X-ray, blood tests or other investigations).

Following this, I would want to arrange a review to see how you are getting on and make any changes we need to ensure you are progressing as expected. This can be done via email, telephone or video-link depending on your needs or preference.

This service will remain free of charge regardless of the amount or type of input you receive from me and will be offered until I am able to reopen my clinic.

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